1. April 2011

Classic Scene: Top Secret! - Awash Saloon Brawl

DIE SZENERIE: Nachdem sich Nigel (Christopher Villiers), die Jugendliebe der US-amerikanischen Spionin Hillary, als Doppelagent der UdSSR herausgestellt und Hillary entführt hat, obliegt es dem US-amerikanischen Pop-Star Nick Rivers (Val Kilmer) sie zu retten. Nick holt Nigels Wagen auf einer Brücke ein und in ihrem Handgemenge fallen beide in einen sich darunter befindenden Fluss. Dort setzen sie ihren Konflikt fort.

NICK and NIGEL sink to the bottom of the river while Nigel is grasping the collar of Nick’s jacket who can free himself and punch Nigel in the stomach. Nigel returns with a right punch in Nick’s face. When Nigel tries to place a second, similar punch, Nick blocks it and places a combo of stomach hits on Nigel. The combo is finished with another hit in Nigel’s face, leaving him to “fly” back with an exuberant Nick celebrating the punch.

While Nigel is drifting back he encounters a barstool standing in the sand. He takes the stool and smashes it onto Nick who stumbles back, lands on a table and pushes the approaching Nigel back with both feet.

The kick sends Nigel against a bar where he grabs a revolver lying on the counter but gets a bottle smashed on his head by the bartender before he can fire at Nick. His misfire hits a chandelier which nearly crashes Nick when falling down.

A group of cowboys playing poker begin to duck under their table as the brawl continues to grow in intensity. Nick approaches the bar, lands a punch on Nigel and gets hit in return. He then manages to block another punch and smacks Nigel in the face with the back of his hand. Suddenly Nick’s feet start to twist, attracting Nigel’s attention. Nick lands a couple of punches in Nigel’s face and then twists both of his nipples.

Nick pulls Nigel to his other side and swings his left arm stagily but punches Nigel with his right. This causes Nigel to fly through a window while Nick is adjusting his jacket and the theme of Bonanza starts to play.

Before leaving the saloon, Nick kneels down to pick up a cowboy hat. A prostitute lying on the counter addresses him.


Nick sees off the prostitute grinning and leaves the saloon.

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