6. Dezember 2009

Classic Scene: Southland Tales - "You're a fucking slut"

DIE SZENERIE: Eine Gruppe von Neo-Marxisten rund um Zora Carmichaels plant einen moralischen Angriff auf die republikanische Regierung. Zwei ihrer Mitglieder, Dream und Dion, inszenieren einen Ehestreit eines frisch getrauten Paares. Hinzu kommen sollen Ronald Taverner, der als sein Zwillingsbruder verkleidet einen rassistischen UPU-Polizisten mimt und die beiden Eheleute vermeintlich erschießt. Blutpäckchen sollen von Bing, einem Helfershelfer, gezündet werden, um die Authentizität zu wahren. Als Vermittler dient Schauspieler Boxer Santaros, der für seinen neuen Film recherchiert und mit der Tochter des Gouverneurs verheiratet ist. Doch als der Beamte Bart Bookman auftaucht, eskaliert die Situation.


Dream and Dion breathe slowly in and out, eyes closed.

DREAM: Transform. Breath. Dream.
DION (screams and gestures): Did you fuck him?
DREAM: Yeah, I fucked him!

Dion groans.

DREAM: I fucked him real good.
DION: You liked it?
DREAM: I fucking loved it.
DION: You bitch!
DREAM: I fucked your brother last night, too!

Dion groans again.

DREAM: I’ll fuck him in front of you, too.
DION (points his finger at her): You’re a fucking slut.
DREAM: Don’t point your finger at me.
DION: Bitch, I’ll fucking kill you!
DREAM: You kill me I get the fucking cops down here so fast.
DION (gestures wildly): How? How? How? You’re going to be dead.
DREAM: I know people.


BING: They’re so good at improv.
ZORA: Shh.


DION (jumps up and down): Oh, I fucking hate you!
DREAM: I fucking hate you!
DION: Don’t marry a ho.
DREAM: I wish we’d never got married.
DION: You can’t make one a housewife. You can’t! Fuck!
DREAM: I don’t want to be a fucking housewife! I like to suck dick!

Dion groans again.

DREAM (cont.): That’s what I like to do.

Dion groans and starts to punch the air.


Boxer and Ronald arrive outside on the street in their police car. So does Bart Bookman.

BOXER: Oh, look. Fellow officer of the law.


Boxer smiles naively and raises his hand in greeting.

BOOKMAN (cont.): Hermosa Beach. Little bit out of your jurisdiction. Don’t you think?

RONALD: Well, there is no jurisdiction. We’re all UPU 2 now.

WOMAN ON RADIO (O.S.): We have a possible domestic disturbance at 14000 Nowita Place, do you copy?

BOOKMAN: Boxer Santaros?

BOXER (raises his hand in greeting again): Good evening, Officer. I’m researching my movie.

DION (O.S.): I call you what you are. I’ll call you what I see. You’re a fucking bitch!
DREAM (O.S.): Fuck You!

BOOKMAN: Sounds like you could use a little back-up.

Boxer nods his head in agreement.

RONALD: I think I can handle this.

BOOKMAN: No. I think you could use a little back-up.

DION (O.S.): You fucking bitch!
DREAM (O.S.): Fuck you. Don’t call me a fucking bitch.
DION (O.S.): That’s what I called you and I’ll fucking kill you.
DREAM (O.S.): His fucking dick was 200 inches long. You can’t get your dick hard.
DION (O.S.): What?
DREAM (O.S.): You can’t fucking lay me.
DION (O.S.): What?

Ronald, Boxer and Bookman walk down the path to 14000 Nowita Place.

RONALD: Right behind you, Officer.
DION (O.S.): I give you my dick hard.
RONALD: Never seen so much fog.
BOOKMAN: Tidal generator.
DREAM (O.S.): Fucking asshole.

They enter the backyard garden.

DION (O.S.): You fucking slut. That’s what you are. A fucking slut.
DREAM (O.S.): You can’t get your fucking dick hard. You want me to go fuck your brother on our wedding night.


Bing holds the detonator for the fake blood wounds.

DION (O.S.): I’ll fucking knock the shit out of you, bitch.

Zora holds him back, afraid he detonates too early.

DREAM (O.S.): You’ll have to tie me up…
DION (O.S.): I’ll fucking kill you!


To Moby’s 3 Steps Bookman, Ronald and Boxer with his camera approach the backdoor of Dion’s and Dream’s house while both are still heavily arguing.

DREAM: Fuck you! Don’t fucking say that to me! You’re a fucking dick. I can’t even believe I married you.
BOOKMAN (interrupts): What the fuck is wrong with you people?

Dion and Dream turn to the intruding trio.

BING: Is that Ronald?


Dream and Dion look at each other, uncertain what to do.

DREAM (raps): Check this out, pig. Fascist dogma applied. Revolution by surprise. My vagina will not be denied a vote in your subjective election. That’s an original poem. By Dream.

Bookman pulls his gun out of his holster and points it at Dream. Boxer’s eyes widen in shock. Bookman shoots Dream in the chest.

DION (O.S.): Oh, shit.


Bing detonates the fake blood explosion. It explodes obviously too late.


BOOKMAN: Dream over.

Dion looks at Dream’s body in shock. He turns to Bookman who points his gun at him and shoots him in the chest, too.


Again, Bing triggers the detonator too late which causes a delayed fake blood explosion.


Boxer gasps in disbelief of what he just witnessed.

BOOKMAN (cont.): Flow my tears.

ZORA: Now that was loud. And that was funny.

BOXER: They weren’t armed.

Bookman takes Boxer’s camera from him and films the actor who starts a nervous dance with his finger tips.

BOOKMAN: This is my deal now. Now get the fuck out of here. Santaros.

Boxer and Ronald look at each other. Boxer flees the scene.

BOOKMAN (to Ronald): You’re not really here.

RONALD: Who am I?

BOOKMAN: None of your business. Now get the fuck out of here.

PILOT ABILENE (V.O.): It was an inspired idea. A staged double-murder, committed by a racist cop, captured on tape by a movie star with political ties.

BOOKMAN (to Ronald): Go!

PILOT ABILENE (V.O.): But no one could have anticipated the untimely arrival of Officer Bart Bookman.

Ronald flees the scene while Wave of Mutilation from the Pixies starts to play.

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  1. Ach, Damn it! Schöne Szene, aber das erinnert mich daran, dass ich für die Kollegen von "Schöner Denken" schon seit Wochen einen Beitrag zu dem Film schreiben will/soll. Aber man kommt ja zu nichts... :(